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Maxus Properties

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About Maxus Properties

Maxus Properties: Real Estate Professionals

Maxus Properties, Inc. has been in business since 1987. During the 1990’s Maxus responded to the change in the rental markets by taking over several struggling public partnerships and capitalizing on opportunities created through syndication of Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Maxus currently operates rental housing of every income level and continues to have substantial operations with market properties as well as with those under various affordable housing programs. Maxus also specializes in turn-arounds. We have taken over struggling partnerships, tenant-in-common deals and REITs, and have also been involved in the purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars in distressed debt.

Our growth and success through the years have been based upon the pride we take in creating, maintaining and enhancing the value of both the residential and commercial properties we own and manage. Value enhancement is the focus of our business. Maxus regional corporate supervisors and administrators have over 50 years of combined experience in providing full apartment management property services. Our leadership and staff are experienced professionals who have devoted long careers to property management, understanding each property’s unique requirements. Whether its Class A new construction or Class B rehabilitations, our more than 300 in-house and on-site employees assure long-term continuity and direction. Our people know the business. Our goal is to provide solutions before there’s a problem. By delivering quality services using state of the art technology, resident retention is increased resulting in lower turnover costs and higher occupancy.

Today, we manage approximately 12,663 units, as well as 470,357 sq feet of commercial space. Maxus has developed expertise in all aspects of real estate management, from income-producing apartments to commercial properties. We have accomplished this through careful monitoring of every detail, as well as ensuring that each property retains the services of the best contractors to perform the highest quality job at the most competitive prices.

Value enhancement is obtained through

Establishing a marketing plan, a business plan and annual budget to maximize income, minimize expense and maintain the property in appropriate physical condition commensurate with the owner’s goals.

Proven on-site management staff, trained, supervised and monitored to meet established performance goals.

Utilizing proven marketing resources, internet, guides and referral programs. Establishing an organized sales program to call on, i.e, feeder employers on a consistent basis.

Systematically comparing actual financial results to budgeted goals. Continued professional staff training, mentoring, instructing and monitoring to obtain maximum results.

Financial preparation and reporting are handled through the company’s One-Site Property Management Software.

All rental deposit checks are scanned or directly deposited into the operating account. Payroll and timing in and out are processed electronically resulting in better monitoring of employee hours and potential overtime.

Through our One Site Facilities Management System, our staff monitors every detail of tenant service resulting in improved tenant satisfaction and thus better retention.

The most successful real estate company is one that can be flexible in choosing product type and geographic location while maintaining tight control of overhead expenses. Through the last 26 years Maxus' experience in multiple markets across the mid-west with varying degrees of volatility has provided a base of knowledge for highly effective real estate development and management practices. Maxus is structured in such a way that they are able to provide the flexibility to thoroughly evaluate and take advantage of market opportunities as they arise, while remaining fully focused on their core competencies of property management.